For regular visitors, a list of what’s new at Paediatrics.Online

June 2022

ADHD page links updated

March 2021

Genetics page updated

New resources for families added

Genetics Resources for Clinicians page created

A compendium of useful genetics resources for clinicians

October 2020

Genetics page updated

New information on Genomic Testing added.

General Movements Assessment information added

Screening for newborn children at risk of cerebral palsy

June 2020

We’re checking our outbound links. If you find any links that are broken please contact us and we’ll fix them right away! Just tell us which page and which link – we’ll find it from there : )

April 2020

COVID-19 Page updated

Fantastic new links including to Scholastic’s Free Online Education page for children in preschool to Year 9!

March 2020

COVID-19 Page

Information and resources on COVID-19 for adults and children

Outpatient Clinic Resources

A new section of the site to help outpatient clinics pivot to Telehealth

250k Allergy Group

Allergy page updated thanks to an email recommendation!

Autism Teen Wellbeing

Site added to the Autism Page

July 2019

We’re up to date!  All our outgoing links have been checked, and some new resources added, like …

The Sleep Podcasts!

February 2019


Updated link to the Carer’s Allowance Medical Report for <16 years old to the new (slightly easier!) form

December 2018


New link to parent resources at Feeding Matters

November 2018


Additional links to ADDitude magazine, SPELD and Understood added for practical ideas on how to manage at home at school

October 2018

School and Learning

Updated with a new video on understanding and explaining dyslexia (a specific learning difficulty).  Watch it here!

September 2018

Training and Education

Updated with link to blood safe training for neonatal and paediatric transfusion

June 2018

Training and Education

Updated with new link to CIAP paediatric resources for NSW health employees.

April 2018

Site maintenance!  All the outbound links have been checked and updated where necessary.  We maintain the site regularly.  If you notice any broken links, please contact us!

March 2018

Educational resources

Updated  with new links to paediatric pearls and new childhood stroke guidelines

November 2017


A new website to provide a bit of practical support for new mums and their emotional health

October 2017

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

Linking to new Australian resources about diagnosing, managing and living with FASD

June 2017


Weight management resources added

Feeding – NSW

Online enrolment for Go4Fun

March 2017


Updated with new link to more resources on sleep and tools for families

Mental Health

Updated with link to Kids Matter

Training and Education updated

Link to video on examination of the neonatal hip.

Speech Page added

Links to ideas on encouraging speech development and contacting a speech pathologist

Author page added

Instructions on how to join Paediatrics.Online as an author, and 2 simple rules for the site.

February 2017

Behaviour Page added

Links to three excellent sites with practical advice on how to approach challenging behaviour.

Parenting page updated

Links to an online ‘parent coach’ site and the Love Talk Sing Read Play added.

School and Learning page updated

Excellent new website added with links to three particularly good resources

New link to “Calmer Classrooms: Managing Traumatised Children” added

ADHD page updated

Short accessible video on ADHD and excellent new resources from

Training Page Updated

Links to common Australian guidelines added

Neonatal Jaundice Calculator

An online calculator to help guide decisions about phototherapy (and it’s an app!)

Link to neonatal calculators including UVC/UAC insertion and corrected age calculator

Centrelink and NDIS

Information on accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Australia) added

January 2017

Autism Spectrum Disorder

New link on “Diagnosing Autism” added

Feeding page updated

Link to Fussy Feeding in Toddlers factsheet added

December 2016

Condition Specific Growth Charts Added

Genetics Updated

Parent information on Down syndrome added.

School and Learning updated

New links on student well being and the evidence for different therapies for children with learning difficulties.

Contributors page added

A page acknowledging the team behind Paediatrics.Online and those who help us find the resources we share.

Clinicians tab added

Clinicians section added  for clinicians and trainees.

November 2016

Education page added

Educational resources for trainees and junior medical officers looking for training in caring for children.

Why Should I Use This Site? page added

Aimed at paediatricians, this page summarises the background and aims of Paediatrics.Online

Mental Health page added

A collection of apps and websites aimed at adolescent mental health

Skin Conditions page added

A new page for skin conditions was added – mostly focused on eczema.