Healthy Eating

A Guide to Breastfeeding

Simple, practical advice from the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Introducing Solid Food

The latest advice on introducing solids, particularly for infants at risk of allergies

What should my child eat?

Printable factsheet with recommended serving sizes and variety for different age groups.

Fussy Eating in Toddlers

Summarises the What, When, Where and How Much of feeding fussy toddlers.

Healthy Lunchbox Planner

A great site to visit with your kids to start a conversation about healthy food choices.

Medical Diets

Sydney Children’s Hospital’s Network Food Factsheets

Dairy-Free Diet Factsheet

Additional Support

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Feeding Matters

Information and resources  on feeding difficulties from the USA

Weight Management

The Key Messages for a Healthy Weight

Print this factsheet summarising the key messages

Healthy Kids for Professionals

Weight management resources and links  for professionals

Sydney Children’s Hospital Network Obesity and Weight Management Factsheets