It’s not just sleeping that can be difficult, it’s also the getting-to-bed and the waking-up.

Here are some links to help you with all three.

Sleep Podcast

Everything you wanted to know about sleep – in a podcast!

Australian clinicians Prof Harriet Hiscock and A/Prof Emma Sciberras talk about sleep for children

Sleep Information

Comprehensive information from the site.

Information on  sleep in other age groups is also available

Understanding Babies Sleep

Understanding Toddler Sleep

Understanding School Age Children’s Sleep

Sleep Tools

Information on sleep and managing common problems

Check out tips and tricks in the cool stuff section for useful tools

Sleep Training Tools for the Exhausted Parent

Several tools and common pitfalls when using them, by the Director of the Yale Paediatric Sleep Centre

Australian centre for Education in sleep

 Includes the COTTS technique for those not keen on controlled crying


An app to improve well being by helping improve sleep

Sleep with Kip 

Fun bedtime stories to read with your child to help overcome common sleep issues. Based on research from MCRI, includes a sleep quiz to find the right story  for you.


A Guide to Melatonin for Parents

This site is American but sensibly summarises the benefits, risks and how to use melatonin most effectively.