Parenting is hard work, and if your child has additional health needs or challenging behaviours then it’s even harder.

Here you’ll find information and courses teaching some extra skills to make life that little bit easier.

Information to Read

Mumspace: support for the emotional health of all new parents

Practical online support for when you need a little extra help, especially with postnatal anxiety and depression

Factsheets for Common Parenting Concerns

Factsheets on resilience, sibling rivalry, biting and much more

Baby’s Period of Purple Crying

Helpful tips for crying babies in the first 2-20 weeks of their life

Love Talk Sing Read Play

Evidence-based tips for promoting your child’s development

Parenting Courses

Learn about Parenting Courses

Sometimes learning in person is the best way.  See the links at the bottom of the page for courses in your local area.

ParentWorks Online

Free, evidence-based online course aimed at dads

Triple P Parenting Course Online

A reputable behavioural course you can take online or find a local group

Circle of Security

A reputable emotion-coaching course – watch the video below for a summary.  Visit find a course for local providers.

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