Comprehensive, parent-friendly website all about learning difficulties.

Some great resources to start with include:

Through Your Child’s Eyes: a learning difficulties simulator for adults

4 Strengths that Come from Challenges

Being Different Doesn’t Mean Being Broken

How to Keep Kids with Learning Difficulties Motivated

Factsheets on reading, learning and school difficulties

Resources from the Specific Learning Difficulties NSW website

Visit the Learning Difficulties Coalition NSW

     Download a Parents Guide to Learning Difficulties from AUSPELD

Teaching reading effectively – multilit programme 

Learn about Dyslexia (a Specific Learning Difficulty) here, or watch the video below:

More about Dyslexia and how parents can help their children

Information from the UK website “Nessy”

Student Wellbeing Hub

A Department of Education Site with links to information for parents and students about  how to make their school experience positive.

Calmer Classrooms: A Teacher’s Guide to Working with Children Exposed to Trauma

An evidence-based handbook from Australia

Ideas for managing behaviour at School

Links for teachers about creating behaviour management plans

How to decide on a therapy – what works?

Nomanis Briefing 2017 on 

MUSEC evidence summaries pre 2017 

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