What is Autism?

Start here with a short video and links to more information

What Causes Autism?

A plain language summary of the evidence

How is Autism Diagnosed?

A summary of the steps involved plus information on what to do if you’re worried your child may have Autism.

Explaining Autism to Other Children, Parents and Teachers

This short video aimed at school-aged children explains the strengths and differences of children with Autism.

Funding and Therapy

Medicare Benefits for ASD

A factsheet on the various Medicare benefits

Parent Guide to Therapies

Short summaries of the cost and evidence for different interventions.

Find Local Therapists

The  Australian Government’s RaisingChildren.net.au service finder page


Understanding and Managing Behaviour


Positive Partnerships for School-aged Children

A program to help schools support children with Autism


Managing Difficulties with Sleep

An overview of why sleep problems occur in children with Autism and how to manage them.

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