Paediatrics.Online is designed to complement a clinic appointment with your paediatrician by providing a single site where you can access some of the best child health information available online.

Each topic links to a small range of carefully selected, high-quality information from different sources.  Our aim is to reduce the work involved in finding resources online without showing you an overwhelming list of options.

We don’t write anything ourselves! Everything we share is freely available online – but it can be hard to find.

Paediatrics.Online works because it is:


Each page only presents a limited selection of very useful links so it’s not overwhelming


Unlike government or hospital sites which only present their own branded content, we collect the best resources from all over the world


If a better resource is developed anywhere, any time simply contact us and we’ll add it to the site


The site is run by volunteers.  It has no commercial affiliations and no branding – and it never will. It costs about AUD$100 per year to maintain (plus time and energy of course).


Give short memorable links to patients so they can easily copy them into a browser (eg:

Help Out!

If there is a particular topic or resource you’d like to see on Paediatrics.Online please feel free to contact us.  We will of course review all suggestions carefully and reserve the right to include all, some or none of the suggestions at our discretion.

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Paediatrics.Online was established in 2016 by Dr Chris Elliot.