This page includes some simple instructions on using Microsoft Teams.

Teams is an enterprise-level secure platform for collaboration. It also provides a secure option for telehealth consults.

Username and login

The free version of teams does not support scheduling telehealth meetings. You will need to join an organisation in order to access the fully functionality of teams. The admin of that organisation will give you a username and password to begin.


Teams can be used via the Teams App, or using Google Chrome from a laptop or desktop only. On a mobile phone you and your patients will need the Team App – however patients do NOT require an account.

Creating a Meeting

  1. Within Teams, click on the Calendar on the left hand side.
  2. Choose a time and click on it. This will open a calendar invitation
  3. Add the email address of everyone you would like to invite
  4. Copy and paste the email below into the body of the invitation. This includes all the instructions your patients will need to access the meeting.
Click here for step-by-step instructions with images
Step 1: Open the Calendar app from the left hand side-bar
Step 2: Double-click in the appropriate time slot to create a new meeting
Step 3: Give the meeting a name, list the email address of all invitees, add the email template (and example to cut-and-paste is below) and finally click “Save”.
All invitees will be automatically sent an email invitation.
You can edit the meeting at any time by clicking on it in the Calendar view.


This is an email template you may like to copy-and-paste into your calendar invitations. It includes instructions for families and links directly to the apps / browser they will need.

Thank you for being flexible with your clinic appointment and embracing telehealth.

If you click the link “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” below then you will be taken into the meeting (laptop) or taken to the Teams App (mobile phone).
If you are using a laptop, please make sure your browser is up to date.  We recommend Google Chrome – click here to download.

If you are using a mobile phone please download the Teams App before the appointment.Here’s a link to the app: Apple | Android
A few important tips:

  1.  You do not need an account in Teams to access the appointment.  When you click through the link just hit “join” and you will enter the meeting
  2. Please set up your device somewhere stable (rather than holding it in your hand)
  3. I would like to see as many people as possible on the call – even if it’s not all at the same time
  4. Using headphones is a much better experience in terms of audio, however if there is more than one person that may not be possible.
  5. If you are having any trouble connecting please just wait and I will call you on your phone.

Thank you!

In the Meeting

  1. When you want to start the clinic appointment, simply go to the calendar and click “JOIN” in the calendar entry.
  2. People dialing into the meeting will be placed in the lobby and a notification will pop up on your screen.
  3. You can choose to admit (tick) or decline (cross) their call.


We STRONGLY recommend you test your new Teams account before trying it in your practice. You can invite your own personal email account to meetings to test out the invitation and connections. This will ensure your patients have the best experience possible.