Welcome to the St George Hospital Department of Paediatrics!

This page is for our JMOs and students.  It contains links to (nearly) everything you need to know about a term at St George.

The St George Rules

1. There’s always someone to call.

It’s ok not to know.  If you’re not sure about something, or you’re not sure who to ask – call us yourself.  There’s a paediatrician on-call 24 hours per day, every day.

2. We care for our patients, each other and ourselves.

There’s no place for rudeness, bullying or harassment on this team.  If you ever have concerns about the way you, a colleague or a patient has been treated please speak to any consultant, any time.

3. Handover matters.

Handover is in the morning, afternoon, and at night shift.  There’s a written handover list on the computers.  Please take the time to handover thoroughly so we can all take care of the patients we share.


Orientation modules

Please watch these before you start your term

please click here and use the contact form to request a password

St George Paediatrics Orientation Manual

  • This is a useful reference information for the term that summarises the videos

EMR templates

Download and import to EMR to help with documentation

If you have your own eMR templates you would like to share, please contact us (just copy and paste your template into the contact form).

Helpful Information

We strongly recommend you look at the following resources before you start or early in the term.

To access the HETI modules and Resus4Kids please login to My Health Learning using your usual NSW Health employee number and computer password.

Comprehensive Assessment of the Newborn (aka Newborn Baby Check)

This is an essential part of the Resident job every day.

A written summary – the flow chart and part 3 are particularly helpful

A video of how to do a baby check 5min by DFTB and 15min American version
HETI module (40 minutes)

How to check the red reflex

A photo gallery illustrating many  common newborn findings from Stanford University 

Newborn Basic Life Support

HETI module (30 minutes)

Emergency UVC placement video

Paediatric Basic Life Support

Resus4Kids (90 minutes)

Tips and Tricks

Dr Kylie Yates and Dr Chris Elliot have recorded two podcast episodes for OnTheWards that cover some fundamental tips and considerations in approaching children and families.

Communication in Paediatrics (summary notes available too)
Assessing and Treating Children (summary note available too)

Great Resources

Visit the Training page for a longer list of useful resources.

COVID-19 Video

This video was made on 31st March 2020. It describes our current plan for attending newborn deliveries for women who are COVID-19 positive or are being treated as such.

This is a fluid situation so please make sure you are up to date with any changes to this plan by attending handover daily.