This is a resource by clinicians at St George Hospital Sydney to help others access and use PEXIP.

Please note this is not in any way official and not endorsed by anyone other than us. We are only sharing this because we have put a lot of work getting telehealth up and running here and we thought our efforts might help another department somewhere.

If you use this and it’s helpful please let us know! It’s nice to hear when something you’ve made works for someone else.

Just in case reading lists of instructions is not your thing, we’ve made a video. Most of the important stuff happens in the first three minutes. After that it’s more of a Q&A about PEXIP:

Accessing Telehealth

There are four options for telehealth:  

  1. You call the patient over the phone (does not use PEXIP)
  2. The patient calls into a teleconference (using their phone, but via a PEXIP phone number).  This is one option for multidisciplinary clinics when the family do not want to / cannot use video. All the clinicians will be in the PEXIP Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) and the patient will dial in by phone.
  3. The patient joins a video conference using their computer or laptop – which requires the family to use Google Chrome for best results. This is the best option.
  4. The patient joins a video conference using their mobile phone – which requires the family to download the Infinity Connect App.  

Which Option Do I Offer?

We created our own simple website the LittleDragonCares instruction website so there are step-by-step instructions for families for each option. We sms this link to families ahead of their appointment.

There is a form on the page they can fill in to tell us ahead of time which telehealth option they would like.

If you would like a version of this for your own department to use please let us know. We are currently offering them in exchange for virtual hugs.

Connecting Families with Telehealth

When using PEXIP there are three different types of information families may need, depending on which option they choose to use:  

1.  For teleconference with multiple clinicians they will need the phone number to dial in and the PIN. The PIN is your room number (VMR) – usually the one beginning with a “4” eg: 400000

2. To join from a laptop of computer they need the Google Chrome link to
This looks like a normal website address

The number at the end (“400000”) will be different depending on which virtual meeting room you are using.

3. To join from a mobile phone they will need the mobile app, called “Infinity Connect”, AND the conference addressThe link looks like an email address eg:
Connecting from a mobile phone is a bit more complicated.  Families need to copy this email address and paste it into the app. Step-by-step instructions at

Email Template for Patients

There is an email template below in case you need it. .  The numbers “400000” are the bits you will need to change to add your own PEXIP VMR (virtual meeting room) details.  

We recommend only sending the family ONE way to connect otherwise it can be confusing. If you are not sure, starting the consultation with a phone call and asking them their preference is usually quick and you can often talk them through connecting via video.

Thank you for being flexible with your appointment.  This will be a telehealth appointment, meaning there are three ways it can happen:  

1.  Phone call only.  We will call you. If we need you to call us (a local call only) we will send you a phone number and a PIN.

2.  Video conference via computer or laptop

3.  Video conference via mobile phone  

There are detailed instructions for each option available at 

Appointment Details:  

1. Phone call only:  please call 02 9842 2500, then enter the PIN when requested: 400000 #  

2. Video conference via computer or laptop:  please open this link in Google Chrome (just click the link or copy-and-paste it into Chrome):  

3. Video conference via mobile phone

STEP 1  COPY this link:
STEP 2  Open the “PEXIP Infinity Bridge” app
STEP 3. Enter your name, click the green video camera and then PASTE the link above into the text box labeled “search to call”  

If we are running late or you are having trouble connecting please just wait and we will call you.