This is where you will find information about Telehealth for the St George Paediatric Outpatient Clinics in Kogarah, Sydney. This page will be updated as needed.
For all other information please visit our St George Hospital Homepage:

TeleHealth in 3 Steps

There are three steps to using Telehealth for your appointment.
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  1. Tell us how to contact you
  2. Getting your phone or computer set up
  3. Connecting on the day – either by calling in or using a link

FIRST – Tell us how to contact you

Please fill in the form below A FEW DAYS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT. Your details will be emailed directly to the St George Paediatrics Department.

If you would rather not use this form, please call the clinic reception instead on (02) 9113 1925

Thank you! We will either call you at your appointment time or send you a link to connect.

If you are having difficulties at any stage or if we are running late please simply wait and we will call you.

AFTER YOUR CLICK THE “SUBMIT” BUTTON below please measure your child’s height and weight, if you can at home. We will ask for those measurements in the appointment.

How to accurately measure your child’s height and weight at home

SECOND – Set up your smart phone or computer

Please do this a few days BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT
Skip this step if your appointment will only be via phone (no video)

We are using the “Pexip” platform for video. This is a secure platform recommended by NSW Health.

To access the appointment via a computer you will need Google Chrome.
To access using a smart phone or tablet you will need the PEXIP Infinity Connect App.

Click below to read the instructions on how to get ready:

Computer or laptop setup

You will need to download Google Chrome to your computer or laptop. Click the links below:

You will be emailed a link that can open in any Google Chrome browser. You do NOT need an account. Please click here for instructions on how to join the meeting

Mobile phone or tablet setup

To access telehealth on your mobile phone please download the Pexip App "Infinity Connect" (free).

Follow the links below:

Download Pexip App "Infinity Connect" – Mobile only

Please click here for more instructions on how to join the appointment


At the time of your appointment we will most likely call you. If you are experienced with telehealth and have received a link via email please use that link to join the video conference.

If you are having difficulties at any time please wait and we will call you.

Instructions on how to access the appointment for each option are below:

Dialing into the phone conference If you choseneed to dial into a phonemultidisciplinary callclinic we will sendgive you a local phone number to call and a PIN to enter. Please check your email or wait for our call.
Video conference from your COMPUTER or LAPTOP

St George Hospital is using PEXIP, a secure, flexible platform. There are three steps to connecting:

  • Copy the link we email you and please ONLY open the link with Google Chrome.
    It will work with some other browsers but is much less reliable.
  • Allow access to microphone and camera when requested

  • Enter your name
  • Click "Join"there is no need to enter a pin
Video conference from you MOBILE PHONE

To join the video conference from your mobile phone you will need to "dial in" using the PEXIP Infinity Bridge app.

Image 1: When you first open the PEXIP app, enter your name and press "OK"
Image 2: To join your appointment, click the video button
Image 3. Type (DON’T copy-and-paste as it won’t work) the link we emailed to you into the "Search to call" bar.

The correct link will look similar to this: 4111111@conference.meet.health.nsw.gov.au

Click the grey "video" button and that’s it! Please give permission for the app to access your camera and microphone so we can see and hear you.



If we are running late we apologise in advance. Please check your email regularly and we will send you the link soon as possible, or if you are on hold in the video waiting room we appreciate your patience.

If you are having trouble accessing the Pexip video conference or dialing into a multidisciplinary clinic please wait and we will call your backup phone number when we are ready for the appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us or send an email in advance.